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How to Find Top Wedding Photographers in New Jersey

February 19, 2015 | Posted in Weddings

How to Find Top Wedding Photographers in New Jersey

Huzzah! It’s wedding planning season! Monmouth County is buzzing with newly engaged couples counting their pennies and dreaming big. Whether you’re relishing every detail of the planning process, or just praying to get it over with… every bride and groom knows the joy of breathing a sigh of relief once the right entrées have been selected, the invitations have been sealed, the perfect songs have been compiled and a shiny limo has been reserved. Phew! The responsibility of finding a wedding photographer is also a biggie. Not everyone with a camera is qualified to immortalize your fabulous wedding day. The couples who’ve tied the knot at our Monmouth County wedding venues have filled us in on the best (and worst!) of wedding photographer magic and mayhem. Remember… it’s not all about price, and it’s not all about who has selected the best photos to display on their website or brochure. (Tip: Always ask to see a full proofing gallery from a recent shoot!) A good photographer will also help you manage your wedding day flawlessly.

Keep reading to learn the 3 qualities shared by the top wedding photographers in New Jersey. For more tips and tricks for savvy wedding planning, contact us or give our wedding pros a call at 732-544-9305. We’ve seen it all, and won’t steer you wrong!

Bridesmaids at Sterling Ballroom

They Understand Diplomacy

One of the most important aspects of planning a modern wedding is managing the personalities of various family members. A wedding photographer who isn’t smart about managing poses involving family members of the bride and groom can create some extremely awkward moments. Don’t let Uncle Ted’s shenanigans turn your special day sour! Whether keeping the peace during picture time means keeping a pair of divorced parents out of the same frame, or putting a little space between warring bridesmaids, the right photographer should be able to seamlessly direct every pose without creating a scandal or offending anyone. A photographer with finesse will take time to speak with a bride and groom ahead of time to learn the relationship dynamics of their family members and bridal party. The last thing you want is a photographer who shows up and blindly rounds up family members for poses without understanding sensitivities that may be lurking. Bring on the people skills!


Wedding Rings by Monmouth County Photographer

They Don’t Come Alone
There are a million special moments at a wedding. A photographer can’t be in more than one place at once. This is why it’s essential for a photographer to come with a skilled assistant who is capable of taking auxiliary shots. A good photographer will stick with the bride and groom throughout the event to catch every tender look or playful smile that can be captured on camera. The photographer can send their assistant to capture touching or fun moments happening among guests. An assistant photographer can also travel to the location where the groom is getting ready while the main photographer stays with the bride to snap all of the memorable preparation shots at the bride’s house or suite. A good team of photographers will have eyes everywhere and won’t miss a thing. Wonder team powers, activate!


Chair Wraps NJ Wedding Venues

They Photograph Objects and People
Once adrenaline kicks in, most brides and grooms won’t remember the way their champagne glasses glistened or the color of the flowers on their cake. It’s important to use a photographer who has an eye for detail when it comes to snapping all of the little touches that make wedding receptions special. A photographer shouldn’t stop snapping photos just because a couple is busy eating or taking a break from the party for a few minutes. The quiet moments between the loud moments should be spent photographing the scenery and details at your choice of beautiful Monmouth County wedding venues. You worked hard on those glittery burlap-wrapped mason jars, dang it! They deserve their moment to shine!



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