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Check Out These Stylish Wedding Band Trends for Grooms

July 11, 2018 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding or engagement ring for the bride-to-be, there is no shortage of information out there. You can find out what the latest trends are, tips for finding the perfect one for your future wife, and even how much money you should spend on it. Yet, when it comes to finding the ideal ring for the groom, one would assume that a solid band is the only option available (although not a bad option if you’re the traditional kind of guy). Fortunately, rings for grooms have evolved, giving you more opportunities to find the one that suits him. Check out some of the latest wedding band trends below:

gold wedding band for men Gold men's wedding band

Traditional Gold Bands

No matter how many kinds of rings for grooms there are out there, traditional solid gold bands will always take center stage. Why? Well, because of their versatility. The basic design of such rings makes them perfect to wear on any occasion, and with any outfit. If your husband-to-be is more laid back, doesn’t wear much jewelry regularly, and prefers to wear gold when he does, the traditional gold band is the best option for you.

solid men's wedding band solid men's wedding band solid mens wedding band

Affordable Solid Metals

For brides and grooms-to-be who are opting for a more budget-friendly wedding, or for men who like the tradition of the solid band but don’t wear gold, there are other precious metals that work great. There are wedding band trends for grooms in more affordable, durable, and adaptable metals like sterling silver, titanium, and tungsten to name a few. These metal bands are perfect for a groom who works hands on for a living, and cannot afford to damage or scratch a nicer band.

black wedding band for men Black wedding band for men

Black Bands

Here’s a color that’s really starting to catch on for grooms – black. With metal options like titanium and tungsten, you can have a black wedding band custom made to suit your tastes. Go with a solid band, add some diamonds, or choose a two-tone option with a mix of metals for a bit more detail. These again, go well with any style and personality type, making it a trendy and affordable option.

diamond wedding band for men diamond cut wedding band for men

Diamond and Diamond Cuts

Ladies, you aren’t the only ones who love the look of diamonds on your ring finger. If your groom-to-be is known for liking to make a statement, wears other flashy jewelry, or has a more sophisticated and rich sense of style, going with a diamond wedding band is your best bet. If you can’t afford a lot of bling, you could always have diamond cuts put in it so it sparkles as it hits the sun.

Your husband-to-be deserves a ring just as nice as yours. Whether you’re trying to find a matching ring or you’re looking for something that suits his style and personality, these growing wedding band trends should work to your advantage.

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