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Tips for Choosing Cocktails for Your Wedding Reception

March 25, 2020 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

Signature wedding cocktails are best defined as a unique mixture of alcohol and fresh ingredients chosen either by the bride and groom or recommended by the bartender. They are essentially the stars of the show at your wedding reception bar and, therefore, must be crafted with care. As you continue reading, you’ll find some essential tips for helping you select the right cocktails for your wedding reception. 

winter signature cocktails winter signature cocktails winter signature cocktails winter signature cocktails winter signature cocktails

Stick to the Seasons

Seasonal cocktail drinks are often the best. The ingredients are readily available and the combination of tastes often mesh well with the time of year. Our wedding and reception venues in NJ have several seasonal signature cocktail options you might consider. For instance, if you’re getting married in the winter, you might enjoy our delicious Peppermintini, French Kiss, White Christmas Sangria, or Cinnamon Bun Martini.

fall signature cocktails fall signature cocktails

Tell a Love Story

There’s nothing like a love story to make a signature drink more unique. If you both love the same drink, have the bartender create it and put a spin on it by adding a special ingredient. Maybe you could have his and her signature drink by selecting the very first drinks you ordered on your first date together. 

spring signature cocktails spring signature cocktails spring signature cocktails

Pick a Color

If you’re still having a hard time coming up with signature wedding cocktails you can always try selecting a color. Ask the bartender to prepare a few signature cocktails using colors from your wedding and incorporating liquors and other ingredients, you both like. Now, you can taste drinks to see which one is your favorite. 

summer signature cocktails summer signature cocktails summer signature cocktails

Taste a Few

Never try to pick your signature cocktail on the fly. It is best instead to schedule a day where you and your fiance can taste them in person to be sure it is exactly what you want. Something may look great on a computer screen and sound good over the phone, but tastes horrible in reality. Tasting the drinks ensures that both you and your guests will enjoy these cocktails. 


Of all the wine, beer, and liquor available at your wedding reception it is the signature cocktails that will stand out the most. Using the tips above, work with your bartender to come up with the best signature cocktail ideas for your wedding. 

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