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Creative New Jersey Wedding Reception Table Number Ideas

September 4, 2019 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

Unless you want a free-for-all at your wedding reception, setting up a system using table numbers is recommended. You’ve taken great care to make sure that you selected the ideal seating arrangements for your guests. Why not put as much detail into designing the table numbers? It helps to add to the reception decor and makes it a bit more fun for your guests to find their seats. Here are some creative ideas we’ve especially loved at the Sterling Ballroom at the DoubleTree Tinton Falls.

table numbers table numbers table numbers

Exotic Travel Destinations

Here’s a cool one – exotic travel destinations! This couple decided to add their table numbers to a photo with a backdrop that looks like a postcard from some of the most beautiful places to travel. With so many places to select, each table number would be unique making it fun but easy for your guests to find. 

table number

Jersey Beaches

If you’re getting married in New Jersey and love the shore then going with a beach theme for the table numbers simply seems fitting. While a simple beach picture would do, this cool idea above of naming each table a different beach in the great state of New Jersey takes it to a whole new level. How awesome is that? 

table numbers table numbers

Tell a Story

Here’s a very creative table number idea for your reception tables that’s really intimate and tells a story about the bride and groom. This couple chose to find pictures for each year that coincides with the table number. The family can really have a lot of fun reminiscing and sharing stories about when you were 1, 10, or even 15. 

Table Numbers Table numbers Table numbers Table numbers

Disney Numbers

Talk about a magical wedding! If you’re a kid at heart or simply love the Magic of Disney, Pixar, and other favorite childhood cartoons, incorporating them into your wedding reception is fairly easy. These couples as you can see have everyone from Mary Poppins to Woody from Toy Story. 

If you’re looking for small ways to make a big impact at your wedding reception, try playing around with some of these table number ideas. Your guests will have an amazing time walking around the reception hall checking out the amazing attention to detail. 

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