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Delicious Wedding Favors Your Guests Can Indulge In

July 8, 2019 | Posted in Events, Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

Wedding favors serve as a small token of appreciation to your guests for sharing in this special day with you. They’re also keepsakes or precious reminders of your wedding. While in the past the bride and groom may have settled for candles, bubbles, or breath mints the wedding favor industry has evolved since then. Today, however, you can give your guests delicious wedding favors that they can indulge in while still commemorating your special day.

wedding favors

wedding favors

wedding favors



Of course, just about everyone has a weakness when it comes to candy. Gift your guests with a sweet treat they’ll enjoy. As you can see from the photos above, you could choose anything from tiny breath mints to chocolate candies. Dressed in color-coordinated tool and ribbon with a customized label, candy makes the perfect delicious wedding favor.

wedding favors

wedding favors


Another sweet and delicious wedding favor idea is honey. Whether added to recipes, tea or eaten plain, honey is something many people use.

wedding favors

wedding favors


Who in the country doesn’t enjoy a fresh cup of Joe? The stronger the coffee grounds the better. Why not give your guests coffee grounds as a wedding favor? It sounds strange but you can see above that the couple found a unique way package them so that they fit with the wedding theme.

wedding favors


A childhood favorite that can double as a delicious wedding favor is S’moores. Place these at your reception tables and watch your guests’ eyes light up with excitement. The S’moores kit comes with everything you need including graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

wedding favors

Wedding favors

Wedding Favors

A Little Bubbly

Finally, the toasting and celebrations don’t have to end after the wedding reception. Send your wedding guests home with a little bubbly for a mini nightcap. Each of the couples above found creative ways to customize the bottles to make it their own.

Wedding favors are a small but necessary detail in your wedding reception plans. A quick way to say thanks and the perfect memento to take home, there are so many ideas out there. Hopefully, we’ve given you some creative ideas on the top delicious wedding favors for your big day.

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