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Ladies, if you want a trend that will make a difference, take some advice…

February 21, 2013 | Posted in Events, News, Trends, Weddings


Here at the Sterling Ballroom we all know your wedding is all about YOU, but how about giving your special day another special meaning?


October 29th 2012 was a day that New Jersians remember with a heavy heart. The destruction and damage that affected the state was heart-breaking. People did not know where to turn. There were jobs to get to, schools to attend, parties to throw, and yes, there were weddings too.


But how could you celebrate your most special day with all the devastation going on?


“We felt very blessed that we were still able to have our wedding ceremony and reception and of course that we were surrounded by all of our loved ones,” said Krista of her and her husband Paul.


For Krista and Paul, it was not about having to get ready in the dark, or having their ceremony in the dark, chilly church by candle light.


“Our florist, Jacqueline’s Florist in South Amboy made all of our wedding day flowers by candlelight in her shop. Our photographer, Marconi Photography in South Amboy recreated our guest book photo pages powered by his generator so we would not go without! Family friends, Jeannie and Marisa agreed to doll me up (hair and make-up) for our day. Both ladies were amazing to me! Their homes were affected by the storm and they always let me know they’d still be there for me – and they absolutely were! They made me beautiful bright and early that day in my parent’s home. Jeannie plugged her curling iron into a generator my parents purchased. Danielle, of the Doubletree Hotel, let us know right away that the hotel and ballroom were up and running and ready for our reception!”


This couple remembered what their special day was supposed to be about. It was not about the flowers, or the room, it was about the love that they share for each other, and the fact that they were fortunate enough to have their family and friends safe and sound, dancing, drinking, and laughing the night away.


Krista and Paul also decided to do something that we have seen only a few times before. In light of the Hurricane Sandy devastation, they asked for people to donate to the Red Cross for the Sandy relief effort in lieu of giving wedding gifts to the couple.


“The very least we could do is offer some assistance and comfort to others in our area that were also affected – especially after so many people were so fantastic to us.”


So ladies and gents, instead of thinking all about YOU, YOU, YOU, think about how YOUR love can be spread to those in need, like Krista and Paul did.


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